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Are we still going ahead with the website idea we talked about, or was that caffeine and snark induced madness?

For our northern sisters (and harmonyfb and beeber2 who were trapped by unavoidable obligation), during a recent Starbucks outing a bunch of us started kicking around the idea of pulling together a website. What has me intrigued, aside from the practicality of being able to access a master calendar with birthdates and Orlando-viewing dates is the gleam tinne got in her eyes. I think she has an Alpha-worthy vision for an "official" site, and I for one would like to help her bring it to fruition.
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This frightens me.

But in a good way.
Kewl. My web skills suck; don't look at me.

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Oh, dear - are we planning an ICB gallery?

Deleted comment

::innocent blink::
I, naturally, would be all for it. Anything to shake off this hairshirt of non-creativity I've been wearing for the last few months.

Intellectualbabe.com can remain the repository for any ICB info and have a link of some sort on the main Alpha site...
That works for me!