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alpha bitching

is it Tuesday yet?

is it Tuesday yet?
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The Alpha Bitch Club started innocently enough. A group of friends (peacockharpy, columella, telaryn, and crevette) got together to watch the premier of Survivor: Marquesas. We had so much fun we decided to get together every Thursday to watch the rest of the series. And we enjoyed that so much, we decided to get together every Thursday, whether or not Probst was on the television tormenting baristas and down-home farmers in exotic locales.

The word spread. tinne, harmonyfb and beeber2 joined the fun. People from other places visited, came to an ABC night, and took the word home to their friends. Many people fulfilled the ABC requirements of 1) watching at least one episode of Survivor and 2) signing on for the 12 Steps to Reduce Drama in Your Life.

And we thought it might be nice to have a community on LJ, since most of us are on here anyway.

The Alpha Bitch Club is dedicated to snark, a Better Class of Friends, and an end to UDCs. (We're also into decadent desserts. Mmmmmm.)